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Keyword analysis is a useful tool for optimizers and webmasters to check the density of keywords on the page of your site. After all, now search engines, more than ever, pay close attention to the content of the site. A low percentage of keyword density ("nausea") can lead to a low ranking of the page in search results, and vice versa, a very high density can provoke search engines to impose filters and even exclude the page or site from the index database.
Be sure to use the keyword analysis when working with documents of your website, which will show you the original header (Title) and Title without stop words, the density of the words in the header (Title) in percent (%), density of keywords (Keywords), as well as the number of words of the keywords in percent (%), tags H1, H2, H3. An essential part of this service is displayed at the bottom of the result of the study a complete list of all words on the page with the number of reps and percentages. © Domains, Hosting & Webmaster tools
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