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This page contains a tool for checking the redirect (redirection) and getting a full server response to the URL you entered.
It will be especially useful for webmasters and web programmers, as well as active Internet users.
First, it will help you set up the site technically-correctly, and the second-to find out where the link actually leads. With this service, you can:
- check whether the "Not found" page actually outputs the 404 code;
- find out which redirect is configured on the server - 301st or 302nd;
- avoid surprises when gluing PR;
- find out where the link leads, encrypted with abbreviators like and so on
- and where the link in the ad leads to;
- check the redirect on the partner link without clicking on it.
To check the server response, enter the URL in the field and click on the "Submit" button. © Domains, Hosting & Webmaster tools
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